Bird flu : Avian influenza confirmed at Paignton Zoo, Paignton Zoo to remain closed

Avian influenza confirmed at Paignton Zoo

Paignton Zoo pelicans have been found to have avian influenza. (Avian influenza confirmed at Paignton Zoo) There are fears that the wildest birds in the world will be exterminated.

Paignton Zoo confirmed that Tuesday’s positive test result was confirmed. They stated that staff are working closely with the Animal and Plant Health Agency to implement the necessary biosecurity and quarantine precautions at the attraction.

Since Monday, when it first warned of an avian influenza outbreak the zoo has been shut down and will stay closed to the public for at least the remainder of the week.

Avian influenza confirmed at Paignton Zoo
Avian influenza confirmed at Paignton Zoo

According to the Government the infected pelican, along with other birds affected by the virus, will be “humanely taken out”

While charities warn the public to stay away from bird carcasses, experts warn that this flu and others could infect humans.

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Disease control zones

Around 22 million birds were infected with the avian influenza last year. The outbreak is believed to have been caused by an aggressive strain of ‘H5N1’.

This strain is fast-spreading and also causing many bird deaths. The outbreak has been contained by the culling of millions upon millions of chickens.

Paignton Zoo’s supporters have filled the Zoo’s Facebook page full of kind, generous and heart-warming comments. The Zoo will remain closed through Thursday.

On Twitter, they posted: “Following a recent announcement regarding a suspected avian influenza case in a pelican at Paignton Zoo (and subsequent testing results), we are unable to confirm that our test results were positive. Our bird collection’s health and safety is our top priority. We have a team of keeper/maintenance workers working hard to make sure they are safe.

“Our staff work closely with the Animal and Plant Health Agency and their appointed vets in order to plan and implement necessary biosecurity and quarantine measures and protect our birds. Following the APHA-led investigation, our course of actions will be determined by the results and any subsequent requirements.

bird flu symptoms in birds

“Paignton Zoo” is currently subject to a restriction notice. This will continue until revoked and rescinded by APHA. This means we will be closed up to and including Thursday 1 September at the latest. We will notify our supporters, members, and visitors with further information. Visitors who book to visit during this period of closure will automatically receive a refund. Staff are working fast to process these refunds. Thank you again for your understanding and support throughout this difficult time.

Hayley Baker wrote: Hayley, I am so sorry! It’s a frightening time for birds at this moment.” Su Carlson wrote, “Your birds are too valuable. I hope that everything goes well for you both. Will be back once it’s safe.” Lynda Charley wrote that she was thinking of the dedicated staff who helped her through this difficult and stressful time. She hoped for a positive outcome for everyone, especially for the birds.

These tips will help protect you, your pets and other birds.

  • Don’t touch or pick-up dead or sick wildbirds.
  • Keep your pets and dogs away from sick or dead birds.
  • Don’t feed wild waterfowl
  • Never touch feathers of wild birds or any surfaces contaminated with droppings.

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