8 Best Food for Diabetes Control | Food to Get rid of Diabetes

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Best Food for Diabetes Control
Best Food for Diabetes Control

8 Best Food for Diabetes Control

Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s yeast is a wonderful food. This mineral is rich in traces of chromium. This mineral helps the pancreas to produce more insulin. It is one of the best supports for the normal handling of sugar by the body. Dr. Richard J. appeared in Medical World News. According to an article by Dozzi et al., brewer’s yeast reduces the insulin requirements of many diabetics.


Broccoli, a close relative of cauliflower, has long been a popular food in Europe. This vegetable has proven to be an effective anti-diabetic food. It is a rich source of chromium, a trace mineral that lowers blood sugar. This trace mineral regulates blood sugar, which often reduces the need for diabetes medication and insulin. In mild diabetic cases, chromium may prevent the onset of full disease. If a person’s glucose tolerance is over the limit, chromium can help control it. Even low blood sugar levels can be normalized with chromium.


Yogurt injects friendly bacteria into the digestive tract which stimulates the pancreas. It also washes the pancreas of its acids and wastes. These cleansing actions enable the pancreas to perform optimally and thus help in the production of insulin.


Garlic and its components have been found in scientific trials to lower blood sugar in diabetics. This vegetable is rich in potassium, which effectively replaces the large amount of potassium lost in the urine of diabetics. It also contains zinc and sulphur, which are components of insulin. Some authorities believe that low levels of zinc may be one of the factors responsible for the onset of diabetes. Garlic also contains manganese, a deficiency of which can lead to diabetes.

The components of garlic work by inhibiting the deactivation of insulin in the liver. The result is high blood insulin levels and low blood sugar.

Apart from lowering blood sugar, garlic has other benefits for diabetes. It prevents arteriosclerosis, a common complication of diabetes and relieves the body from paying. Diabetics can take the equivalent of one or two cloves of garlic in any form, whether raw or cooked in food or in capsule form. Garlic milk prepared by mixing four cloves of crushed garlic in 110 ml of milk is a good way to take garlic. However, the best way is to chew raw garlic thoroughly first thing in the morning.

Bengal gram

Bengal gram, also known as chickpea, is a widely used important component of the Indian diet. It is a valuable anti-diabetic food. Experiments have shown that oral ingestion of Bengal gram water extract increases glucose utilization in diabetics as well as in normal people. In a study conducted at the Central Food Technological Research Institute in Mysore, the insulin requirement for chronic diabetics decreased from 40 units per day to 20 units when placed on a diet that included a generous supplement of Bengal gram extract.

Diabetic patients who are on a restricted diet that does not severely limit carbohydrate intake but include moderate amounts of Bengal gram extract can improve their fasting blood glucose levels, glucose tolerance, urinary excretion of sugar and normal The situation has improved a lot.

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Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is a common vegetable which is cultivated on a large scale. It has excellent medicinal properties. This vegetable has been used since ancient times as a guna medicine for diabetes. Research has established that it contains an insulin-like principle designated as plant-insulin, which has been found to be beneficial in lowering blood and urine sugar levels.

Bitter gourd is thus an effective anti-diabetic food and should be liberally included in the diet of diabetics.

The juice of three or four bitter gourds every morning on an empty stomach has been found to be more effective than eating the fruit. Bitter gourd seeds can be made into powder and included in regular diet. A decoction prepared by boiling chopped bitter gourd is as potent as water, as is its dry powder mixed with liquid foods.

Bitter gourd is rich in all essential vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins A, B1, B2, C and iron. Hence its regular use prevents many complications associated with diabetes, including high blood pressure, eye complications, neuritis and defective metabolism of carbohydrates.

Black Gram

Black gram is a highly prized pulse in India. It is an anti-diabetic food. Treatment and effective remedy of mild type diabetes by taking sprouted black gram with half a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice. It should be taken once a day, for three to four months, with limited intake of carbohydrates.

In severe diabetes, regular use of this combination is an effective complement to other treatments. It is also a useful health food to prevent complications due to malnutrition in diabetes. Milk prepared by grinding sprouted whole black gram is also recommended for diabetics.


Peanut is valuable in diabetes. Eating a handful of peanuts per day by diabetics can not only prevent malnutrition, especially niacin deficiency, but also prevent the development of vascular complications.

Best Food for Diabetes Control, Food to Get rid of Diabetes, what foods can diabetics eat freely?, food for diabetic patient, what is the best diet for diabetics,

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