What is Computer and What are the types of Computer

What is a Computer

What is Computer Guys Computer is an electronic machine that follows the instructions given by us which we can say that computer is a fabrication machine made in humans computer 4 prkar ke hote hain Micro Computer, mini Computer, Workstation Computer, Mainframe Mainframe Computer, Super Computer (What is computer)

Computer is often used in office, shop, school, college hospital, bank and big companies and these are also present in everyone’s home and this computer also affects our daily life. (What is a Computer)

How to Run Computer without Mouse

A computer is a programming machine, and this computer was used to do Complex Calculation many years ago, it was not used by the general public, because this computer was very expensive and out of the budget of common people.

At that time, these computers were used in large companies and laboratories and these computers were much larger than today, for example, the size of a computer was equal to a large room.

Today, the computer that we sit in the house is possible, it is possible that only due to the CPU, which is also called Micro processr, due to the arrival of CPU, these equal computers have come in our table and lap and they were named. Desktop and Leptop.

What is a Computer

When we do some work in the computer, that is, when we give any instructions to the computer, it is called Input, then our computer processes that input and in a few seconds we respond to that input in Output.

That’s why computer has become very useful for today’s daily life and tell you that computer never thinks anything of itself when you give any instructions to him, only then he processes it and answers it in the form of output.

Friends Computer does whatever work they do with Command and Command Computer gets from Softwaer and Porgram and these people who make Softwaer and Porgram are called Programmer and those who use these programs are called User. Like us people.

Friends, with the arrival of the computer, the life of the people has become very easy, due to which we can watch the video in the computer, play games, study and the biggest thing is that we can run the internet with the help of the computer and sit far away. You can talk to a friend or relative on video calling.

How many types of computers are there?

1. Micro Computer or Personal Computer

Micro Computer was developed in 1970, these micro computers are small in size and this computer can be placed on a desk or in a briefcase. These small computers are called micro computers. These computers are also used for personal work. For this, it is also called Personal Computer.

This personal computer is used for word processing and filing systems in large businesses and for counting in small businesses as well as it is used for entertenment whether we use the computer whether it is Whether it is a desktop or a Leptop, it is a personal computer.

2. Mini Computer

The size of mini computer is bigger than Micro Computer and mainframe computer is smaller than Micro Computer. This Micro Computer has more than one CPU. The speed of mini computer is less than mainframe computer and higher than Micro Computer. What is a Computer

More than one person can work on this computer at one time. Micro Computer is used in traffic in big companies in banks in government offices.

The first mini computer named PDP-8 was developed by DEC-Digital Equipment Corporation in 1965 and the price of this computer was 18000 $ USD and it was the size of a refrigerator.

3. Workstation Computer

What is a Computer: Workstation is a computer used for engineering applications desktop publising software development and other similar applications that require more computer pawer and higher quality graphics.

Workstation Computers typically come with a large high resolution graphic screen large amaunt of RAM inbuilt network support and graphical user interface.

In most workstation, unique and window anti operating system is used. Workstations are a single user computer such as PC is a single user computer, it can be run by one person at a time.

In the same way, workstations are also single user computers. At the same time, only one person can run a Computer, but they are connected to a local area network.

4. Mainframe Computer

The mainframe computer has more processing than the pawer mini computer and they are larger in computer size, these computers have a greater capacity to process large amounts of data at a faster speed.

Computer Kya Hai and what are the types. what is computer Mainframe Mainframe Computer

For this reason, in big companies, the mainframe computer is used as a central computer in the government department in the bank, thousands of people can work together 24 hours apart on this computer. Mainframe Computer can be connected to a Micro Computer IBM 4381, ICL 39 Series and CDC Cyber ​​Series These are some of the Mainframe Computer. Mainframe Mainframe Computer

5. Super Computer

Super Computer is a special computer that performs Calculesan of very high level compared to Journal Perpus computer, that’s why Super Computer is called that computer system which is the fastest and pawer full compared to all available computer system at any given time. it happens.

This system is used where there is a lot of pawer and fast processing to do real time task performance. In starting, Super Computer had scientific and engineering applications which required very large data base and high level computer. But used to work.

If we talk about the speed of the super computer and its memory, then it is very high. This computer can perform any task very fast compared to any computer of that generation. This speed is thousands of times faster than the Odinary personal computer. Work from

The faster the Super Computer, the more expensive it is Expensive, so it is not so easy to build and use Super Computer. Computer Kya Hai and how many types it is. what is computer

Super computers are very pawer full and Expensive so they are used on the same places where Spacelize Applications are required such as Quantum Mechanics, Weather Four Casting, Climate Research, Molecular Modeling, Animated Graphic, Fluid Dynamic Calculuson, Used in Nuclear Energy Research, and Petroleum Florence etc.

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