What is FASTag – Benefits of Fastag, How to Recharge Fastag

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What is FASTag
What is FASTag

In the current era, in order to save the time of increasing congestion at toll plazas and vehicle owners, the Government of India has released a new facility named FASTag. Through FASTag, you can very easily pay toll tax i.e. fee at toll plaza very easily. So today we will know what is FASTag and where can I buy it and how to recharge it.

What is FASTag?

FASTag was started by the National Highways Authority of India. Another name for this is Electronic Toll Collection System. It was first started in India in 2014. But gradually it was implemented all over India. The main purpose of starting this is to get rid of the problems in toll collection in all the toll plaza centers. It is a kind of device which is mounted on the glass in front of the vehicle.

How does Fastag work?

Fastag is a tool. It is mounted on the front glass of the vehicle. In this, Radio Frequency Identification, also known as RFID, is attached. Let us tell you that as soon as your vehicle comes near the toll plaza, the sensor installed on the toll plaza connects with the FASTag mounted on the glass of your vehicle and deducts the fee which is determined from your FASTag account.

The electronic toll collection at the toll plaza, the FASTag on your vehicle and your FASTag account all work together when you come to the toll plaza there. Seen this way, you pay the fee to the toll plaza center without stopping at the toll plaza and saving your time.

What is the validity of FASTag?

Through FASTag, the toll plaza payers get rid of every problem and your fee is paid online. For this you will have to have FASTag installed on your own there. You can easily buy this FASTag from the official tag issuing center or participating bank. When you run out of money from your FASTag account, you can recharge it. Its validity is for five years. After this you will have to install a new fastag.

What are the benefits of FASTag?

The Ministry of Roads and Transport has provided the facility of FASTag at the toll plaza center to avoid overcrowding and people do not face any kind of problem. This will save people’s time and people will avoid long queues. Along with this, the facility of cash bag is also available by paying the fee.

Although it was initially applicable only in a few selected cities, but seeing its emerging benefits, the Ministry of Transport, expanding it, decided to start it at all the toll plazas of the country so that people everywhere avoid troubles.

Is there also SMS facility in FASTag account?

Due to all the work being done online, SMS facility is also available in FASTag account. As soon as you cross the toll plaza and after the fee is paid, this SMS will come on your registered mobile that the fee has been paid from your account and you will get the information about the amount paid.

Which banks do fastag recharge?

You can recharge FASTag account through Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking and RTGS. You can recharge FASTag account with an amount ranging from one thousand to one lakh rupees. To open FASTag sticker and FASTag account, you will have to contact the toll plaza and agency associated with the point of sale. You can visit the official website of National Highways Authority of India to find out where is the point of sale near you. It will be easy to know from here.

There are some official banks available for this which are as follows- Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI Bank, HDFC Bank, PNB Bank Syndicate Bank and Karur Baisya Bank etc. You can recharge your FASTag through banks. To open a FASTag account, you have to fill a form as well as some documents are required, such as-

  • RC means vehicle registration certificate
  • ID and address proof that is authentic
  • Vehicle owner passport size photo

When was Fastag launched in India?

Let us tell you that FASTag was first started in India in 2014 between Ahmedabad to Mumbai Highway. After this another toll plaza was started between Chennai to Bangalore in 2015. As of today, there are 332 toll plazas available across the country from where you can pay your fee through your FASTag.

Since when has FASTag been implemented on four wheelers?

The ministry has made it mandatory for every four wheeler to have FASTag from December 2019. Now it has become very important for every vehicle manufacturer and dealer and four wheeler owner that they must install FASTag on four wheelers.

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Fastag is also necessary for other works

Earlier, the Government of India had started the services of FASTag and it was only implemented at that time but from January it has become necessary for every four wheeler to have FASTag facility. Cash payment will not be allowed at toll plazas from now on. You will be able to pay only through FASTag.

While you will be able to easily pay the fee at the toll plaza with FASTag, you also need some other services which are not possible without FASTag.

  • If you do not have FASTag then you will not be able to renew the Transport Fitness Certificate.
  • FASTag National Permit is also required for the vehicle.
  • Now from 2021, even third party insurance will not be able to do without FASTag.

How to recharge fastag online?

We have already told you that FASTag is required to pay toll tax, but the biggest problem is that from where and how to recharge FASTag, you have a problem. Let us tell you in a very easy way how you can do online recharge.

Documents required to get FASTag

It is a very easy way to make FASTag, for this you have to collect some important documents like-

rc paper – You must have the original and photocopy of all the documents related to the vehicle. When its proper check is done then only FASTag issue will be possible for you.

bank passbook – Bank PASbook is very much needed to make FASTag. Because a FASTag account is created from your bank passbook and when your account is linked with FASTag, the toll plaza easily deducts the fee from your account.

ID proof – One of the important documents for making FASTag is ID proof. This certifies the identity of the driver and also provides photo proof. For this, you can work with Aadhar card, PAN card or Voter ID.

address proof – Apart from ID proof, you also need to have proof of your address. For address proof, you can give Aadhar card, telephone bill or electricity bill, but all these should be of current.

How to apply for making FASTag?

We will tell you here both online and offline methods, which you people find easy, you can get it done through it.

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How to apply for FASTag online?

According to the release issued by the ministry, it has now been made mandatory for every four wheeler owner to have FASTag, so you must apply it in time. Here we are telling you how to apply, which you must follow step by step.

  • To apply, first you have to visit its official website, whose link is
  • When you visit this website, first of all you have to select the bank from which you want to get FASTag. When you have selected the bank, a new page will open in front of you.
  • When the new page opens, after that read all the information given on this page carefully and apply.
  • When you read the complete form, a FASTag button will appear at the bottom in which the option of disclaimer will be given, on which you have to click on the next option.
  • Now you will reach the new page and here all the information related to FASTag like information related to you and your vehicle will be asked which you have to fill carefully.
  • After you have loaded all the information in it, then you have to attach your scan documents.
  • When all your form is filled completely and the documents are attached then after that you have to click on submit button. When you click on the submit button you will get the instruction of how to get the fastag.
  • After this the bank will issue you a slip which will be in your name, along with this you will easily link your fastag with the bank account.

How to apply for FASTag offline?

If you do not want to apply offline then you have to apply through Point of Sale. Whichever toll plaza tax center or agency comes under Point of Sale near you, you can go there and complete the application process. But you are finding it difficult to know where its point of sale is near you to open FASTag, then visit the official website of National Highway Authority of India for this.

How to get FASTag?

Above you read that how fastag will be applied online and offline but the biggest problem is that you have applied for fastag but how will you get fastag? Let us know how you can get FASTag?

  • You can get FASTag by visiting an online shopping platform or point of sale or bank branch where they have an account. However, some banks have been selected for this. By the way, you can also apply online to get FASTag in these selected banks.
  • When you apply online, you will get a slip and you have to show it.
  • In the meantime, the bank checks the information provided by you, then after that they provide you with FASTag. Only after this you can put FASTag on your vehicle.
  • After this, you can add FASTag account to the account, but for this the bank has its own rules, these rules tell you the bank.
  • Apart from this, you can download its app from Google Play Store of your smart phone. As soon as you download the app, you will have to fill all the details asked in it like your personal details and complete information of your vehicle.
  • After this, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile, after which you will have to submit it, after which you will get FASTag.

Amount to be charged for issuance of FASTag

So far we have explained to you what is fast and how you can apply for it, but here it is important to know that how much amount or fee you will have to pay for making fastag.

  • When you go to get Fastag, you will have to pay 100 rupees for it.
  • Apart from this, you will also have to pay the security amount, which costs 200 rupees.
  • You will also have to pay 100 rupees to take a toll card wallet.

How to pay FASTag at toll plazas?

When you get the FASTag, you have to put it on yourself there. When you go somewhere with your vehicle, whenever you pass through the toll plaza center, the sensor installed in the toll plaza is tracked online by the fastag installed in your vehicle. There is such a technology in it that it deducts money from your account through FASTag.

When your money is deducted online, you will get the information about it through an SMS. In this way you have seen how easily you are able to pay your fee. But here is another interesting thing for you that if you have linked FASTag account with the account then this fee will be deducted from your account. This way you don’t need to line up. Also your time is saved as well.

How to recharge FASTag account?

For example, suppose that your FASTag account is not linked to your bank account or you do not want to do it, then this question will definitely come in your mind that how will FASTag account be recharged. Let us tell you that you must have at least one thousand rupees and maximum one lakh rupees in your fastag account. Otherwise you will not be able to make the payment.

We are telling some steps for the information of you people, by following which you can recharge your fastag account. You can use Debit Card, Credit Card and Net Banking as per your convenience. Let’s follow this step by step.

via google pay app

Normally you can do FASTag recharge using Google Pay app but apart from this you can also use some services like BHIM UPI ID.

  • First of all, open the Google Pay app on your smart phone, in which Google PIN will be required.
  • Now “New Button” will appear on your screen. After this you will see the option “UPI ID or UR”. You click on it.
  • Now ‘Pay to’ tab option will open on your screen. From here you will get the option to make payment with UPI ID to make the payment. You click on this.
  • Now the Verify button will be present on your screen, on which you click. After this the option of bank payment will open on your screen.
  • Now select your bank to make the payment and enter the amount you want to pay.
  • If you want to start, you can check by putting one rupee for testing.
  • After this you will receive an SMS. In which the details of your zodiac will be given.

So you saw how easily your payment and fastag got recharged in this way. You will be able to recharge your fastag easily by following this process.

via phone pe app

If you want, you can also use BHIM UPID along with the phone app to recharge FASTag. Its easy process is as follows.

  • First of all, from your smart phone, open the phone pe app. As soon as you open it, you will see the option of ‘To Contact’ on its home page.
  • Now you have to go to BHIM UPID and by clicking on add ‘BHIM UPID’ below you will have to validate your mobile number. After this you will receive an SMS.
  • Now you have to confirm by filling your BHIM UPIID, Nickname. After that you go to the payment page. One thing to note here is that in the registered name, you fill the name of the bank from where you applied for FASTag.
  • Now you should decide that how much money you want to recharge fastag, you should put that amount in it. So you will see how easily your vehicle’s fastag will be recharged in this way.
  • After this you will see that after it is successfully recharged, you will receive SMS confirmation of payment and FASTag recharge on your registered mobile.

So you saw how easily the fastag got recharged through the phone app. In this way you will be able to recharge your FASTag and deposit the fee at toll plaza that too online.

Talks are going on with the companies for the facility of Paytm Fastag.

Presently Paytm Payments Bank is currently in talks with all tax companies to make Paytm FASTag available for customers buying new vehicles. Along with this, talks are also going on with all car dealers like Hyundai, Tata, Maruti, Mercedes and all other companies are involved.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Raj has clearly instructed all the car manufacturers and car dealers to motivate the vehicle to get FASTag installed.

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