What is Google Panda Algorithm

What is Google Panda Algorithm

What is Google Panda Algorithm Hello friends if you are connected to the internet and you run a blog of your own, then you will know about google’s Algorithm and if you do not know what google’s panda algorithm is. how google panda algorithm works,

So don’t worry, we will give you complete information about google’s panda algorithm, what it is and how it works and also why google has launched panda algorithm.

What is Google Panda Algorithm
What is Google Panda Algorithm

Friends, as you know, google keeps making some changes to its algorithm so that its system keeps working properly and no one can understand its algorithm.

This is the reason that google keeps making changes in its algorithm every 6 months, google never wants that anyone can understand its algorithm or new update so always changes

When was Google Panda Launched

google panda was launched in (Feb-24-2011) and let us know that this google panda sees things related to your content google panda sees that in your website,

Whatever article is in your website, how good it is and whether the user likes it or not, when google panda was launched in Suruat, it was launched as a filter.

Meaning that whatever content you write in your website, google panda filters it and removes the hidden gaps in it, so that your website gets down.

Friends google panda has another special thing that it does not work in real time, just like suppose you wrote an article for your blog and there is something in it that google panda does not like.

So google panda will not down your site immediately, but will give you some time, you will rectify your mistakes and then after some time it will take aaxon over you.

In a way, it can further understand that google panda is not so advance that it can catch the mistakes made by you immediately, it catches your mistakes after some time, so that you get a chance to improve.

What Google Panda Doesn’t Like

Friends, let us tell you that google panda does not like some things which we are going to tell below and whatever google panda does not like, if you do that in your blog or website, then google panda can panelize you Might

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What are the Things Inside Google Panda

  • Poor User Experience
  • Duplicate Content
  • Plagiarism
  • Thin content
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • User Generated Spam

Poor User Experience

Friends, the meaning of Poor User Experience is that if any user comes to your blog and immediately leaves from your website, then the User Experience of your site is spoiled. Let us understand this in detail.

Friends, when a user comes to our site, he has to go through 3 steps.

User query > Search engine > SERP

What is user query

Friends, user query is when a user searches for anything in the Internet, that is, they type a question in the search bar of google, it is called User query.

What is search engine

Search engine is that when we or a user does some search on google and presses enter, then the time it takes to show you the answer that Google has kept with you at that time is called search engine.

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What is SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

SERP means that when we put a question in the search bar of google and press enter, then after that google shows us the result, we call it SERP. For example, suppose a user wants a result about “how to earn money online” in the internet and he types this keyword in the search bar of google and enters it. Now what happens that the result was shown in front of him and he clicked on the topmost website and he immediately came out of that website too.

This means that the user could not find what he was looking for in google because the user was searching for “how to earn money online” in google. And he is getting how to buy the online product, so the Poor User Experience of the user happened in it, because he did not find what he came to find and google will never bother this thing.

All these things are done by google panda major and this will raise the trust of the people from above the google, which can also shut down the google store, that is why google is the biggest user for it, so they give importance to it first.

What is Duplicate Content

Friends Duplicate Content means as if you have written an article about what SEO is and you have covered all the topics in it. Now after this you are writing another article about what is on page seo, now it is obvious that when you have written what is seo, then you must have covered this topic too. Because this on page seo is also a part of seo, in such a situation there may be an erorr of Duplicate Content in your website, friends, to avoid this, you have to use the method of Canonicalization in your site, which is completely legal.

Now after this comes the erorr of another Duplicate Content like suppose you have a site in which you have told about what is seo. And now you have another website in which you have told about what is the same seo, now it is clearly a matter that if both of them are your own site then you can match some content of your article.

So friends tell you that this should not happen at all, you will have to avoid it because google panda marks this thing that this problem is coming on it.

What is plagiarism

Friends, the meaning of Plagiarism is that you do not steal the content idea from any site and from any article, because in today’s time all algorithms of google have become very smart. And they know all these things very easily, if you talk about it with the word, then Plagiarism comes in your site only when your content matches with someone else’s content. For example, suppose you wrote an article, what is seo and before writing that article, you read a website and prepared an article similar to that.

So friends, there is a problem here that Plagiarism comes in your article or content, which google panda does not like at all. To avoid this, you will have to write your own article, you can see all the articles before opening your chart and open it but you cannot copy any of the lines in their article.

What is thin content

Thin content friends, if you talk about Thin content, then you do not have to do it at all in your website, now you must be thinking what is Thin content. So friends, let us tell you that the meaning of Thin content is that the length of any article you write inside your website should be slightly higher. Like suppose you write an article and the length of that article is 50 to 100 words and you have said a very good thing in that article, in that small article,

So friends, when any user will come to your site and read your article, then that user will read your article in a very short time. Because your article is very small, therefore the user came to your site and read that small article and in 20 to 30 seconds he left your site. So in such a situation, it will signal to google that a user came to your site to read your article and he immediately went away, meaning that there is no power in this article.

So google will down your site and will make the rest of the site above you, hope that you people have understood what this Thin content is.

What is Keyword Stuffing

Friends, you can understand Keyword Stuffing in a way like suppose you wrote an article of 500 words, and when you or we write any article. So we write an article on a keyword and we have to rank our article on the same keyword and we make a mistake here, We place a lot of space on our main keyword to rank our article as if our article is 500 words and we have written our main keyword 50 to 60 times in our article.

So it comes in Keyword Stuffing and we should not do it at all and if you are thinking that by doing this you will start to rank at the very top, it is not so. Rather, if you do this, your article can be ranked down along with your article because from now onwards all algorithms of google are very smart and google panda also does not like it at all.

What is User Generated Spam

Friends User Generated Spam also comes within Keyword Stuffing, just like you are doing Keyword Stuffing inside every article and thin content in your article. So from all this your User Generated Spam increases and google can also panelize you for this and to avoid this you will have to leave all these things. One more thing in the User Generated Spam is that if you write your article short and do too much Keyword Stuffing, then it also makes a difference to your user.

It may be that the next time he does not even come to visit your site because he is getting to see the same keyword after every line in your article, which he does not like at all.

What is Algorithm

Friends Algorithm is a program extracted from google that works to maintain Google’s system. Google Algorithm follows the instructions given by Google. Algorithm is a robort created by Google. And whenever we or you publish any article in your website, the algorithm of google checks that whatever article you have published in your website.

Whether the article is user friendly or not, as well as whether the article written by you is written keeping in mind all the rules and conditions of google. Another special thing of Google Algorithm is that if you do not work keeping the conditions of google or do not write the right article. Or if you repeat any of the mistakes mentioned above in your article, then google’s bots or google’s Algorithm down your ranking.

And it becomes difficult for you to rank again because your site’s trust in google is over and google never lets you rank.

What is Google Panda Algorithm What did you Learn from today’s Post

Friends, from today’s article, you have learned what is google’s algorithm, what is panda algorithm of google and how does panda algorithm work and also what is known in google panda algorithm.

Hopefully, you have got to learn something new from this article written by us and you have liked this article.

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We meet you in the next post, where we will continue to give you such interesting articles, so that we will always get to learn something new, we will meet you in the next post. Google Panda Algorithm

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